Mind Body Soul 9 Week Programme

Lifestyle, yoga & Nutrition programme

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9 week personalised 1:1 life & nutrition coaching programme

A 9 week Bespoke Programme designed to give you a holistic solution to life’s stumbling blocks.  We will work together to transform your lifestyle, emotional state and diet supporting your body, mind and soul. Together we will focus on nurturing your mind and body to help you achieve a calmer, more centred approach to your health and lifestyle as we move through the sessions. 


  • a bespoke 9 week program to create holistic health and lifestyle changes focusing on self care, stress management and all-round wellbeing.

  • weekly personal development exercises, meditations and relaxation techniques.

  • tailor made nutrition plan aligned to your goals whether that be weight loss, immune system support, blood sugar balancing, anti-inflammatory, nervous system support.

 THE programme INCLUDES:

  • 8 x one-to-one yoga sessions

  • 1 x restorative calm therapy session

  • 3 x lifestyle coaching sessions throughout the 9 week period

  • tailored nutrition plan with supplement recommendations

  • exercises and tasks designed to holistically address your goals

  • email/whatsapp support whenever you need to check in or discuss your progress.


Some of the tools we will use:

Mind - Meditation | Mindfulness | Breathwork | Life Coaching

Body - Blood Sugar Balancing | Sleep | Movement | Herbs & Vitamins | Nervous System Diet | Yoga

Soul - Alignment | Intuition | Chakra Work | Self-Care

Some of the things we can work on together…


Move through any negative emotions and limiting beliefs you’re experiencing with a range of techniques and exercises. Learn how to lower your stress levels and lower anxiety.

Self Care

Looking to find ways to destress and let go of anxiety? You’re in the right place! We’ll get more self care in your schedule, and slowly find the ways where you can put yourself first.


We will work together to help you access your own intuition, calming your mind and working on focused techniques in order to discover the answers to your questions. Intuition Coaching focuses on helping you discover this inner clarity and voice, guiding you towards greater confidence and personal growth.

Goal Setting

A tailored action plan to help you achieve any goals you have.


Support your body with a nutritional programme designed just for you including Blood Sugar Balancing | Herbs & Vitamins | Nervous System Support.

One-to-one Yoga sessions to help incorporate movement into your life, improving strength, flexibility and posture.

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  • you're looking for a curated and personal package to help tackle your current lifestyle, aimed at making your day to day life more joyful and peaceful. 

  • you’re feeling the need to approach your transformation in a holistic fashion and are committed to making lifestyle changes.

  • you’re interested in personal development, meditation, nutrition and yoga and want to continue your inner and outer journey towards a stress free and peaceful life.

  • you’re craving some two-way conversations and professional advice from someone who has trained in and revitalised her mind, body and soul.

  • you’re tired of wading through the overwhelming amount of information and guidance online and want a tailor made openhearted approach to making sustainable lifestyle changes.

If this resonates with you please get in touch at hello@simonehadfield.com

Currently booking for programmes starting Mid-September.

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