Living Debt Free

There seem to be two types of people I come across, those that are naturally good with money and those that need some pointers.

For years I fell into the latter category; after 7 years of compulsive spending I found myself in debt with overdrafts, credit cards and small loans from family members I felt guilty and ashamed, especially when having to move back home and spend a year paying off my debts. 

I found following Youtubers and their journeys as well as Dave Ramsey's audiobook invaluable for keeping motivated. Now I've moved from a "swipe and go" girl to a budgeting nut with sink funds, emergency funds and cash envelopes!



Fancy dipping your toe into the world of budgeting? Download my Excel budgeting template, you'll be able to edit to suit your needs. 

Discover more about my debt free journey and tips for financial freedom.


"A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went"

— Dave Ramsey