Start taking meditative breaks!

Monday Morning Stress - Just checking  in to talk about taking a Meditative Break - a quick and easy way help deal with emotional cognitive overload. We live an increasingly fast paced life these days thinking that life is a marathon we have to run, our expectations in the Western World are getting higher and higher and as a result we experience stress, pressure and anxiety.

Often we simply don’t allow the time for our minds to digest and process our experiences and they become layers that pile up and keep running on an unconscious level and gives us a feeling of discomfort and dis-ease - for most of us this shows up as stress and anxiety. 

Research has shown that this overload has a huge impact on our ability to think creatively, plan and organise, innovate, solve problems, make decisions, learn new things, memory and so on.  Sometimes we get so overloaded that something breaks and something happens in the body - an ailment or physical reaction or in the mind - depression, breakdown and so on.

To combat this overload - start taking meditative breaks! 

Meditative Break - 60 Seconds - 3 segments of 20 seconds each. - You must practice this often!

First recognise when something has accumulated then close your eyes and:

  1. 20 Seconds - Focus on your posture, let the body relax, stop tensing, bracing, soften the body and straighten the back, relax the shoulders, soften the jaw, creating some space for your breath to do its work.

  2. 20 Seconds - Breath - take a number of exhales and inhales, focus on the breath.

  3. 20 Seconds - quickly scan your body from the top of your head to the base of your spine, feel what is going on inside, observe it, soften it, breath into it.

Then open your eyes and head back to your activity, discussion etc. 

Simone Hadfield