Searching For A Tribe

Searching for a tribe... it has only been in the past couple of years that I’ve heard the word tribe used as a means of describing a small community, friendship group or sisterhood. It sparks all of those evolutionary instincts, however now that I think about it, it’s what I’ve craved all along.

With books being published on Female Warriors and Goddesses, a new wave of women avoiding medical contraception and reclaiming their fertility with apps such as Natural Cycles, campaigns like The Everyday Sexism Project, movements such as MeToo and protests like The Women’s March, it seems that now really is the time to get out there and find that sisterhood.  The penny first dropped for me when I was a teenager watching Sex in The City, showing that your friends can really be your life partners, where romantic relationships often come and go, most often it’s the friends we ditched for our romantic liaisons who ended up picking up the pieces and becoming our true life partners.



My best friendships of the last decade have been marked by a bottle of wine shared and a heart opened, but of late a desire for community and sisterhood has filtered into my life.

I’ve practised a form of self-imposed voluntary isolation these past few years after moving away from my fast paced London life in order to heal and grow, but since moving to Ireland I’ve really felt the longing for finding my tribe. Working for myself and being an age where people seem to have their friendship groups set I’ve found it hard to forge new meaningful connections. My interests have changed and with it a desire for true connection and the ability to discuss what I call the "deep and meaningful's".

Women have often been pitted against each other; competition, so called bitchiness, jealousy and envy. This all comes from a place of feeling we can’t ALL have a seat at the table. This may have been my experience at high school and in some working environments but I experienced the beautiful side of sisterhood when I co-ran a small female business group a few years ago, the support, warmth and encouragement was inspiring and nurtured my soul.

We are all capable of gratitude for the connection with our female friendships and being able to rejoice at the success of others. If you dip your toe into the wonderful wealth of books written about women you can really see how magical sisterhood really is, and those of you with your own circles of badass women will know how finding that tribe can allow you such release and fulfillment.

Women are busy making s*** happen in our workplaces, hustling hard and juggling the mental load, while also being the linchpin in their relationships and families.  I believe some women’s search for a spiritual practice, sisterhood or re-connection with their body and mind through; yoga, tarot, rituals, self care and so on is a quest for some of us to seek out emotional connections, deeper understanding, a focus on our inner selves and femininity.


WomensCircle copy.jpg

One of the recent intentions I have set myself was to start connecting to a larger community here in Belfast and as I haven’t found one yet I decided to start my own! So with a little trepidation and worry that I’d be the only member I have started the Women’s Circle Belfast and we’re holding our first event on 25th September! If you’re local you can see more here 

Or here book tickets to the next meet up here


Tell me about your circles, tribes or sisterhoods.


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