How To Make Your Own Ritual

The busier life gets and the more pressure we heap on ourselves can easily leave us feeling drained and stressed. I’d never really noticed it before but as we all helter skelter through this modern day madness we’ve lost sight of something important…. ritual.

It’s only fairly recently that I’ve started using rituals intentionally, but I can see the benefits immediately, and when I think about them I understand their importance. Rituals have a way of anchoring us to the present moment, whether that be your regular yoga practice, morning coffee in silence, or larger events like weddings and religious holidays. For years I was a serious ritual skeptic, I didn’t believe in institutions like marriage, couldn’t see how meditation could help me and lived entirely from a place of everyday grind. Looking back though I see elements of intrigue around ritual popping up over the years, my short interest in Wicca, mainly due to a teenage Buffy The Vampire Slayer addiction, my fascination with Japanese culture their respect for ceremony and considered action, but still I resisted. Growing up in an atheist household there were no prayers before meals, no anniversaries honoured by attending a grave, we lived purely in the “real world.”

As time has gone on I’ve begun to open my mind to the benefits of rituals, from starting my day with a 5 minute meditation and visualising what I want from my day surrounded by some atmospheric music and a candle, to gathering once a month with a group of women to share and support each other, I’ve begun to use these anchors more regularly. To me a ritual is an orchestrated moment where you can pause, reflect and appreciate, and in our modern world this is something we’ve lost sight of. We no longer mark the changing seasons as our pagan ancestors did, or the path to womanhood when a teenage girl begins her cycles, our rituals have faded away.

Our social media habits take us further from these moments, these days it only seems to be at occasions like weddings that our phones are put away. Ritual focuses us, we can’t scroll, we are forced to be present and intentional.

So my challenge for you is to find some time each day or each week to create a ritual for yourself that can bring you back to your mind, body, and the present moment.

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How to get into the ritual groove:

  1. Mark out some time to yourself, bring a trusty pen and paper and brainstorm some ideas of times and ways you could create ritual for yourself. This could be a weekly bath with essential oils and candles, it could be a daily 5 minute meditation or gratitude practice, some morning sun salutations, a weekly date with yourself at your local coffee shop, marking the full moon, a walk by yourself amongst some wilderness and gathering foliage, shutting the curtains and dancing up a storm, or attending a local Women’s Circle. The important point here is to find something that creates a sense of calm and connection for you, it won’t be the same for everyone so it’s important to look within for this one.

  2. Now once you’ve got your ideas spend a little time just visualising each one and then pick the one you got most excited about.

  3. Then put it in the diary, set a reminder on your phone, tell your partner or friends so they can keep you accountable. Do what you need to ensure that you keep this important ritual with yourself.

  4. Enjoy, relax and saver the moment. I promise it will keep you more grounded and help you to start to see your life with more beauty and purpose.

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