Free Desktop Organiser

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If you’re anything like me then visual clutter tends to send you into a bit of a panic. Even though I know this about myself I find that we can often become numb to the clutter that surrounds us and start to tune it out. Research shows that even though you’re not always consciously aware of clutter it is still being processed by your brain and can add to your stress overload and general decision fatigue.

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One thing that really helps me is having an organised desktop, working for myself means that I often have lots of projects on at the same time and my desktop ends up being my go to file dump! This organiser really helps me keep things organised and reminds me to move my projects along and then file them when they’re complete.

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Small steps like this can really help to keep you feeling less stressed and anxious every time you sit down at your laptop.

Hope you find it useful!

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