With busy lives, fast food and fast-paced communication we can all feel overwhelmed. My mission is to help you find inner calm, clarity and increased vitality. Helping you learn to live intentionally with purpose, passion and supporting you in bringing joy to your everyday.


My Story

Having originally trained as a Curator following a passion for History and the Arts I found myself running an events company at the age of 23, a busy, hectic and fast paced life. My next role saw me working in Fashion and Beauty PR as a social media manager and then learning new skills branching out into digital marketing and web design. After a health crisis where my anxiety attacks were taking over, I embarked on a self-imposed retreat forcing me to take accountability for my finances, relationship, friendships and job. I quit it all and moved onto a narrowboat with my little furry friend Gigi and took some time to regroup and discover what it was that brought me joy. 

Fast forward a few years and my desire to help others and find a career that could be of service has lead me to Ireland where I qualified as a Life Coach, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, NLP Practitioner, Yoga and Meditation Teacher.  

Growing up I always had a default conditioned mindset that the world was a scary place, I was always anxious and overly cautious, never totally letting go and I brought that into my adult life too, being scared, anxious, at times depressed and not feeling free.

It has taken me time to find the healing that works for me, and through honesty and connection with myself, coaching, meditation, self care, mindfulness, yoga, extensive reading and some amazing healing retreats I’m now in a position to help others overcome their own anxiety, fear and stress. 

One nugget I keep with myself always is that no one has ever scared me as much as I have. Fear is paralysing and I want no part in it 



Some of my favourite things include going on walks with my pup Gigi, trips to the wild beauty of donegal, yoga, watching period dramas and documentaries, ethical living and chatting all things personal development. 


SO NOW I HELP AMAZING PEOPLE LIKE YOU TO FIND YOUR OWN CLARITY AND DIRECTION. I help my clients manage stress & anxiety through nutrition, intuition and meditation. 

New research suggests that stress is a key component to the onset of the majority of chronic disease. We live in an increasingly fast paced and over-stimulating world which can lead to many of us suffering from chronic stress and anxiety. Using stress management techniques, personal development tools, nutrition and mindfulness principles we will work together to help you lower your stress load and find ways of calming your mind and body.

I offer coaching and guidance on how to live life stress and anxiety free through 1 to 1 coaching, group work and personal reflections and experience.  I believe that because of our fast-paced world chronic stress & anxiety has overtaken our lives. 

We all deserve to find peace and balance again.


Ready to work together?



Qualifications and Trainings

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Diploma (IHS)

Yoga Teacher Training 200hr Certificate (Yoga Works)

NLP Practitioner Certification (Coaching With NLP)

Time Line Therapy Certification (Coaching With NLP)

Meditation Teacher Training (School Of Positive Transformation)

Life Coaching Certification (Coaching With NLP)

Crystal Healing Certification (Razure Energy Healing School)

Reiki Master Certification (Razure Energy Healing School)