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Lifestyle • Nutrition • Meditation


calm therapy

Guided relaxation and stress relief. A gentle, calming and natural therapy to promote health for the mind & body. 

Unwinding from a stressful and busy lifestyle can be difficult. Take an hour out of your busy week to reconnect, reduce stress, feel calm and rejuvenate the mind. A gentle yet powerful act of self care.

Includes a stress management consultation, guided meditation, relaxation, gentle breathwork and healing Reiki techniques.

mind body soul programme

A 9 week Bespoke Lifestyle, Nutrition & Yoga programme designed to give you a holistic solution to life’s stumbling blocks. We will work together to transform your lifestyle, emotional state and diet supporting your body, mind and soul. 

Together we will focus on nurturing your mind and body to help you achieve a calmer, more centred approach to tackling anxiety and stress as we move through the sessions. 


Nutrition consultation and bespoke meal plan. Deficiencies and imbalances will be adjusted and supplements recommended if appropriate.

Coupled with dietary analysis we will use coaching tools to help you integrate positive healthy diet and lifestyle changes, using achievable and measurable goal setting.



what people are saying

My mind was all over the place until I met Simone, I had so many tasks to start my business without having a clue where to start. I was overwhelmed, and perfectionism was taking over, leading to a lack of productivity. The session with Simone helped me unlock my inner potential and she gave me specific tools and ideas to start out on the right foot in business. Now I feel so confident in my path and making big changes!
— Laura, London
I cannot recommend Simone enough and I intend on doing follow up sessions to keep me on track . It was an all round Mind body soul experience. Fantastic!!
Thank you Simone!!
— Alice, London
Thank you so much for our session on Monday! I know it’s going to be a process for me to find out what I want and what’s right for me but everything we discussed has helped me so much. I’m excited to see how I feel over the next few months using these new strategies for making true decisions for myself! Thanks you so so so much - you’re amazing!! I really appreciate it.
— Alicia, Cardiff
What can I say about the Mind Body Soul coaching with Simone?! It was a completely transformative experience, over the three months we worked on many of my limiting beliefs and the things in my life that were keeping me stressed and anxious. I’d lost all sight of how to use my intuition and my life felt like it was spiralling. The coaching calls were amazing and I knew each time I would walk away with new motivation and greater clarity. The exercises in between the sessions were so helpful and really helped me stay on track and delve deeper into the programme. I’ve finished the sessions feeling so much better and excited for what’s to come! Thank you Simone!
— Melissa, Dublin

Upcoming Events

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4 Week Vinyasa Yoga coURSE

23rd September | Synergy holistic Belfast

4 week Vinyasa Yoga course suitable for all levels. £30 7-8pm

4 Week Beginners Meditation Course
29th September | Yoga Quarter Belfast

Accessible to everyone. Learn how to meditate and experience different types of meditation.

Find Your Calm

27th October | Yoga Quarter BELFAST

A gentle Sunday yoga practice and guided meditation. Discover personal development tools and breathwork exercises to help you find calm.


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 I'm a meditation loving, knowledge seeking gal 

obsessed with living a joyful life & helping others become 

more fulfilled and content in their everyday lives.